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Reflections on Dreams and Dream Sharing in Dreamgroups

Posted by Dr Susannah Benson on Jun 15, 2015

Dreams, dreaming and, in particular, reflections about dreamgroups are best considered within the context of a multilevel discourse. Dreamgroups invite a multi-nodal approach that values and invites mutual sharing, emergent insights, creative discipline, imaginal awareness, a metaphoric sensibility, and present-centred awareness. As with the process of the analytic dyad and counselling relationships, dreamgroups form the relational container of an intersubjective field that can serve to help deepen personal and social/cultural insights, facilitate personal change, and contribute to developmental transformative shifts in consciousness (Benson 2008, 2012)...

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Study Your Dreams

Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

The Embodied Imagination Approach developed by Robert Bosnak works with dreams and waking memories and is practised with individuals and groups in the felds of psychotherapy, medicine [triggering the self-healing reflex], theatre, business, art and creative research.

  • Apr 06, 2016
Finding our inner library of dream symbols

Dream Inspirations Jane Austin

Group Dreamwork is a powerful portal to connecting to our personal and collective libraries of dreams, symbols, stories and myths.

  • Nov 15, 2015
DNA 2018 Program Update

DNA 2018 Program Update Dr Susannah Benson

See our full 2018 schedule.

  • Feb 28, 2018
Dr Sally Gillespie

Dr Sally Gillespie Dr Susannah Benson

In this interview, Dr Gillespie shares how the experience of feeling both accompanied and guided through life by dreams has been both a gift and a challenge. She shares how following the impact of a powerful dream, she retired from her long term psychotherapy practice and embraced full time doctoral research into the psychological experience of engaging with climate change issues.

  • Mar 31, 2016

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