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Our workshops are experiential and integrative. Our programs provide theoretical frameworks and practical skills in dreamwork and imaginal practices. We offer opportunities to learn new skills, develop insight and increase understanding about dreams and dreaming.

Upcoming Workshops

29th May 2016

Dreamwork/Bodywork: Eugene Gendlin's Approach to Dreamwork

In this workshop we will interact with our dreams by learning the skill of Focusing (felt-sensing). In this way, participants can not only recount dream situations, but also experience their significance directly.

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Past Workshops

6th Sept 2015

Dreams, Archetypes and Transformation

In this workshop we engaged in conversation about deepening an understanding of archetypal patterning, and consider how change and transformation is a key archetypal pattern. We looked at three archetypes: warrior, wise woman and healer, and reflected on how these archetypal patterns have been lived in myths, stories and dreams and consider their personal relevance and impact on social/cultural life.

26th July 2015

Dreams at Transitional Points in Life

In this workshop we will be looking at the dreams of childen, of mature age individuals and seniors to consider how dreams from ours or others experiences of these stages of life can be best be engaged with . What do we know about these differing stages and what is the impact on our dreaming lives? What can we do to support ourselves and loved ones or clients through transitional stages using dreams as our vehicle?

17th Aug 2014

Dreams Doorways

By their very nature dreams invite multiple access points—doorways—through which we can enter, enquire and engage. In this workshop we discussed lucidity, shamanic dreaming; somatic dream work, projective dream work, integral dreaming and dreams, health and healing.

18th May 2014

Dreams and Spirituality

Spiritual dreams speak meaningfully to people’s ultimate existential concerns, and bring people closer experientially to the powers of the sacred. The drive to form a conscious relationship with something larger than oneself is the core of a spiritual impulse. We can experience this impulse as ‘being pulled by pain’ or ‘pushed by possibility’.

In all we had a day of dreamsharing and dream exploration with a mix of learning opportunities: workshop presentation; experiential art activities; meditative space and inner reflection.

16th Feb 2014

Dreamscapes, Landscapes and Creativity

Land, landscape, country are powerful and pivotal. Through landscape we enter into a rich and complex set of relationships of language, embodiment, experience, emotion, metaphor, myth and symbol.

Three principal areas of focus for the day were: (1) In what ways can our dreams of landscape help us to contemplate our relationship to nature, land and environment? (2)How might an engagement with dreams and landscape contribute to our sense of belonging, well-being and sense of connection? (3) Do dreams have a place in guiding and informing us about issues of climate change and sustainability?

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Study Your Dreams

Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

The Embodied Imagination Approach developed by Robert Bosnak works with dreams and waking memories and is practised with individuals and groups in the felds of psychotherapy, medicine [triggering the self-healing reflex], theatre, business, art and creative research.

  • Apr 06, 2016
Finding our inner library of dream symbols

Dream Inspirations Jane Austin

Group Dreamwork is a powerful portal to connecting to our personal and collective libraries of dreams, symbols, stories and myths.

  • Nov 15, 2015
Dreaming and Creativity

Dreaming and Creativity Dr Susannah Benson

I recently finished editing a book chapter on Landscape and Ancestral Dreaming in a book that IASD is publishing on Dreams that Change Our Lives. This publication is an anthology that covers a range of areas to include: spirituality; childhood; ancestry; grieving; health; lucidity; creativity and transcendence. Dreamers in this book share personal stories and dreams that highlight the power of dreams to transform and change lives.

  • Apr 05, 2016
Dr Sally Gillespie

Dr Sally Gillespie Dr Susannah Benson

In this interview, Dr Gillespie shares how the experience of feeling both accompanied and guided through life by dreams has been both a gift and a challenge. She shares how following the impact of a powerful dream, she retired from her long term psychotherapy practice and embraced full time doctoral research into the psychological experience of engaging with climate change issues.

  • Mar 31, 2016

“Inspiration, new knowledge, renewed sense of clarity and direction, new connections and lots of joy.”2014 Dream Alchemy Conference