• May 29, 2016
  • 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • The GrailNorth Sydney

This quarter our guest facilitator Christopher Ash (Mclean) will be offering a daylong program on: Eugene Gendlin’s Experiential Approach to Dreams: A Person-Centred Approach. 

The concern is with how dream events are experienced rather than with what occurs” —Marion Hendricks-Gendlin.

Dreams come to help; they can give support and clarity or bring something new in one’s life. They offer opportunities to develop. The differences between approaches to dreams centers mostly on how the dream’s ‘meaning’ is treated. Hence, interpretation of dream content plays a large role in most approaches.

Gendlin is more interested in the experience of the dream —which comes, especially, in how the waking person interacts with the dream. "We don't have to figure it out - it helps to enjoy the dream and give it our attention." (Eugene T. Gendlin. Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.)

Gendlin’s Focusing-Oriented approach emphasises the waking person’s bodily interaction with the dream report. The body’s felt sense tells us whether an interpretation is helpful, or not— or needed, or not. So, the bottom line is that something more essential than interpretation is needed.

"It is good to interact with a dream, whether an interpretation comes or not. … What is important is welcoming the dream, loving it, enjoying how imaginative it is.” —(Eugene T. Gendlin. Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.)

In this workshop we will interact with our dreams by learning the skill of Focusing (felt-sensing). In this way, participants can not only recount dream situations, but also experience their significance directly.

Participants are encouraged to bring a dream to the workshop. There will be an opportunity to share a dream as well as the option to explore a dream without sharing personal content.

Presenter information: Christopher Ash has a background in Education. He is in trained in individual and group psychotherapy, Focusing Approach, and is a long-term Buddhist practitioner and teacher. http://thefocusingspace.com


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  • Christopher Ash


We will be meeting at the Grail: 22 Mchatton St North Sydney. The Grail is a peaceful and spacious meeting space with a large garden, easily accessible by car, train or bus and with ample street parking available. For those participants not wishing to bring their own lunch, the Waverton cafes are nearby.

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Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

Embodied Imagination 3 year Dreamwork Training Program commences March 2016.

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